Bronwyn- a 21” natural fiber art doll

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Every time I climb a tree
Every time I climb a tree
Every time I climb a tree
I scrape a leg
Or skin a knee

And every time I climb a tree
I find some ants
Or dodge a bee
And get the ants
All over me.

And every time I climb a tree
Where have you been?
They say to me
But don't they know that I am free
Every time I climb a tree?

I like it best
To spot a nest
That has an egg
Or maybe three.

And then I skin
The other leg
But every time I climb a tree
I see a lot of things to see
Swallows rooftops and TV
And all the fields and farms there be

Every time I climb a tree
Though climbing may be good for ants
It isn't awfully good for pants
But still it's pretty good for me
Every time I climb a tree

-poem by David McCord

Meet Bronwyn , a OOAK natural fiber doll by Mon Petit Frère. She is made from my 20/21” pattern and has the realistic proportions of a young child. Her head and limbs have been carefully needle felted in sweet smelling eco wool over many, many hours to create firm facial features and smooth and shapely arms and legs. 

Her arms and legs are sewn with tidy stitching at the shoulders and top of legs for a standard hinge style joint. Her skin is made from Laib Yala Swiss doll making cotton interlock and jersey. Bronwyn has a sturdy armature running from her head through to her belly. This allows her head to move subtly from side to side and up and down, providing endearing gestures and adding an extra element of fun to those who love to photograph their dolls. 

Her hair is made from dark brown camel weft securely sewn to her head. Her deep brown eyes are embroidered and her spattering of freckles are delicately painted. She comes wearing a sleeveless chambray dress with floral buttons and lace and pink tulle trim, a chiffon slip trimmed in vintage lace, a hand knit short sleeved cardigan, a hand knit pixie bonnet, a pair of scrunchy boots and of course her socks and undies. 

Bronwyn’s fee is $1150 plus shipping/insurance (to be calculated after address is given). To enter, please comment below. Comments are disabled pending approval, so only I will see them (via email) in order to maintain potential buyers privacy. If more than one person comments, I will randomly draw a name tomorrow at noon EST.

Bronwyn is a collectable doll not suited for small hands but rather for the adult collector. Not for children under 7 due to small parts and long, delicate fibers*

Thank you kindly for your love and support of handmade, one of a kind natural fiber dolls ~xoxo, Megan

Freya...growing up

I recently had a visitor drop by...the sweetest little girl, Freya. The last time I saw her was over 2 years ago this spring. 

Here is Freya in 2014. She was such a wee little thing back then...barely school aged and so full of wonder. She left to travel the all over the world, and after so many adventures, was sent to me for a exciting visit. (Would she get a new dress? New shoes? Yes and yes!) I even gave her a salon day in an attempt to tame those crazy locks. No such luck there...but she’s learned to embrace her wild and spunky hair!

I opened the door and welcomed her inside. The last two years had been full of love and exciting travels, and though her heart was full, she was really looking forward to some pampering! We had both learned and grown so much over the last couple years, that it was only fitting that those changes would show in her face. 

It was so incredibly exciting to see her more mature and refined face emerge! Such a beauty (but still a little girl ). After that she had a salon day for her still crazy mane, but her lovely curls still fell into her eyes...a little wiser now, but still so full of that youthful wonder. 

Next we began working on her new outfit. Her old dress was getting a bit snug, so she felt more comfortable hanging out in her undies! hehe...good thing we were having an unseasonably warm few weeks!

It looks like she learned to I’m really impressed!

She helped me to finish a pair of snuggly boots while I picked out the fabrics for her new dress. She had one request...girly. Yes, she still loved pink and ruffles. Be still my heart...while I sat marveling over how much she had grown, it dawned on me that she was still just a child. Just a wee bit older and wiser.

Ok Freya, we want to see you now!

There you are! Suddenly feeling a bit shy? Its quite alright, its been a long trip and I know you are itching to go home.

There’s our sweet girl. Its been so wonderful having you here. I will miss you dearly.

....still so much growing up to do. Let’s not rush it. You are only little for so long....but after that, hold on to that piece of childhood in your heart!