#minimesleepover (Part 1)

Several months ago a group of fellow doll makers came up with the idea of a collaborative project involving little dolls. Coincidently, the lot of us so happened to be experimenting in creating dolls that fell within a size range that was small enough to hold in your hand, yet large enough to maintain all the rich detailing of our larger work. After much brainstorming, the idea was born to recreate a mini version of ourselves as children. We are dollmakers from all four corners of the globe, and while the likelihood of the group of us meeting in real life would be next to impossible, a get to together of our dolly surrogates was a rather plausible idea...and that is how the idea for the mini me sleepover was born.

I was honored to have been elected the one to photograph this amazing set of dolls, and for the last several weeks I've been working to coax eight little dolls into settings and scenarios that help to bring to life these tiny souls created from cotton, wool and lots of love. 

 The girls proved to be an absolute delight to work with....each new set of photos pulled the girls further out of there shyness in front of the camera, and very quickly their individual personalities began to shine through.

While I've thoroughly enjoyed pushing my creativity from the other side of the lens, I'd have to say that my favorite part of having the privilege of seeing all these various dolls first hand, was to observe in real life the unique and special characteristics that each maker brings to their dolls. Things not so apparent on film...the tactile experience of holding these dolls brings about an extra appreciation to a doll admired but only before seen in photos. 

From the maker of Lil' Chickpea dolls, was sent mini Krissie, a pint size package of perfection with endless clothing, accessories and various accoutrements that makes her set a visual feast for those with an obsession with perfect detail. Clearly her maker is not one to pare down just because the girl she is dressing is 12" tall. Quite the opposite...she has everything a real girl would have, from the sock monkey to the layered clothing down to the bunny slippers...all in exquisite detail.

Jules, from the maker of Inviting Play, was quite the treat to hold in real life. She was heavy and substantial and she brought with her a soulfulness behind her eyes that reflect the kind and humble maker whom I have gotten to know over the last couple of years.  She is a doll maker who doesn't seem concerned with making the most beautiful doll, but rather making a doll who's beauty radiates from within...she creates faces with individuality and character. It that way, they remind me of real children in that they are not cut from a mold, but rather their own unique beings.  

Giocare & Amare dolls are what I can best describe as the haute couture of natural fiber dolls. I knew the were fashionable from the photos, but was not aware of how high the level until I saw her in person. Her maker uses only the best designer fabrics and dresses her dolls in ways that I only wish I could dress my real daughter.  These dolls would be an absolute treat for the fashionable collector and I can even see them being a doll that a much older child would be absolutely thrilled to own. They appear to be tween girls in age and are the epitome of hip style. Her faces are sweet and quite beautiful too. There's nothing not to love in these dolls!

The last girl I'll talk about tonight (for my bleary eyes are starting to get heavy) is little Mona from VergismeinneichtKuss. I knew I loved this doll from the moment she posted her photo, but it was opening her box and seeing her in person that sealed the love for me! She burst into the room...a fiery girl of only 12" high with a head of the softest spiky hair that clearly had no intention of being tamed. The simple faces of these dolls (tiny eyes and just the hint of a mouth) lends to endless expression and a certain "life" to her that face with more refined detail wouldn't offer. I've been very tempted to put this girl in my pocket and keep her all for my own. She a pistol and guarantee will bring a lot of joy to her new owner. 

I will write about Posie and Pudge, LIEF monster and Ma Petite Vie tomorrow when the sun has risen and the coffee cups are once again full...

If you'd like to see more photos from the mini me sleepover, check them out here:

Tomorrow day-night all the girls, including my own mini Megan, go up for auction through HyenaCart. Megan's auction will be a short one running from 8:30-9:00pm est- www.hyenacart.com/sleepover

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